Wednesday, December 2, 2015

    Features :--
Features :
12 Different clock style Display  (  Digital & Analogue & Pendulum  Effect )
 2  Modes ( line & Dot)
 Remote control operation,
 Custom text display,   (Create and store personalized messages{ 240 characters} )
 Speed Control ( low , meduim , hi)
 On/Off time set
this clock is not only the ultimate conversation piece, 
it’s a technological marvel guaranteed to turn anyone into a bonafide clock watcher! 
This amazing programmable timepiece utilizes digital technology 
combined with the scientific phenomenon known as“persistence of vision.” 
This combination creates an optical illusion of time, 
messages that appear in virtual space. With its easy-to-use Compact Remote,
allowing you to choose from a wide variety of features.
Create and store personalized messages{ 240 characters write/delete } that appear at selected times.
With its  A quiet motor drive keeps the magical clock moving throughout the day and night 
or you can program the clock to display only at selected hours..

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